From a " Box Full of Memories"...


Our goal at Milestone Images is simply to create a work of art that celebrates the important milestones and memories in each of our lives, restore those photographic memories and to help my clients display them in the best way possible.


It all started with a “Box Full of Memories.”


One day as I sifted through boxes and albums of family pictures, I realized that they were truly a treasure that had mostly been stored in shoeboxes, albums and drawers for nearly 50 years. Memories that surfaced only every few years when someone dug them out of their hiding places for a trip down memory lane.


To make sure my siblings and I each would have copies, I started scanning each photo. As I scanned them, I realized that they would likely just end up in another album or perhaps just on our computer hard drives.


As I sat staring them, I had an idea! A way to make those memories come alive. I had never seen one, but I knew what I wanted it to be.


Slowly, that box full of memories became blended into one beautiful image. My original intent was to just create that montage for my family, but I began to realize that I had found my new calling.


I hope Milestone Images can help you rediscover your "box full of memories," too. The possibilities are only limited by your pictures and your imagination!


— Wayne Cordes   

     Milestone Images

The photos above are my family's memories in picture form. The montage below was created from them and is what started Milestone Images.