Canvas prints and gallery wraps add a new dimension to your art...


Canvas prints are a great way to share a family portrait, favorite family picture, favorite vacation picture or nearly any image that’s important to you or brings you joy.


We'll be happy to stretch, mount and frame your existing canvas or we can print your favorite photo or art on matte or satin canvas. Whether you need a piece for your office or you just want a display for your home, you can enjoy the quality that inevitably comes with photos printed on canvas.


Gallery wrapped canvas prints offer a stylish, low-cost alternative to traditional framing. A gallery wrapped canvas is a canvas print that has been stretched over stretcher bars so that the sides will either be a continuation of the image or a solid color. Digital photos printed on canvas and then gallery wrapped have a vibrant, three dimensional feel and can have the look of a piece of art taken straight from a gallery or museum.


Canvas prints can also give you many framing options such as standard frames or floating frames which give added dimension to the print.


Gallery wrap vs. non-gallery wrap...


Gallery wrapping is a method of displaying photos and art wrapped over wooden stretcher bars so there are no visible fasteners. This method allows for a frame-less presentation of the finished art. In contrast, a non-gallery wrap canvas is typically intended to be framed before presentation. The stretcher bars are often thinner and the canvas can be attached on the sides because the frame will hide them.


Gallery Wrap Options…


Gallery wraps are available in several depths: 1/2”, 3/4", 1”, 1.5", 1.75” and 2”.


There are also a variety of options for finishing the edges.


Mirror Wrap

Your image will stop along the edge on the front of the canvas and then reflect like a mirror as it wraps around the sides.


Continuous Wrap

Your image is printed with the outer edges wrapping around the stretcher bar. This is only available when there is enough border on the image to avoid losing part of the primary image from the front surface.


Colored Border Wrap

Your image will stop along the edge on the front of the canvas with a solid color border of your choice. We offer a wide range of colors for you to choose from.


Blurred Border

Blurring of the image boundaries: In this case, the edges of the image are stretched and blurred to achieve an impression of a gradual extension of the image.


Advantages of Canvas...


- Large image size for given wall space; no borders or mats

- Gives the image a “painted” effect

- Can be split into multiple panels for added visual effect

- Weighs much less than framed paper prints

- Can be hung in humid areas such as the bathroom

- Do not exhibit glare or reflections

- Largest image size for a given wall space (no mats or borders)

- Lack of a frame and mat blends well into any style decor









Continuous Wrap

Colored Border Wrap

Mirror Wrap

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