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Most of us have fond memories of our grandparents or even great grandparents and we often have old photos of them, our parents in the early days and other ancestors who played a big role in determining who we are, where we live and many of our time-honored family traditions. But what do you do with all those pictures?


Most often you'll find them buried in an an album, a shoebox or a drawer somewhere, but a photo montage from Milestone Image can help you celebrate your past and keeps those special memories alive.


Photographic and printed memories are some of the most meaningful ways you can honor your older relatives and preserve family traditions.


The perfect way to showcase and preserve family photos, heirlooms and memories and to easily share them with other family members is a unique photo montage from Milestone Images. It will become a lasting and cherished gift for future generations.


From a simple montage with just a handful of pictures to a larger piece showing several generations of family, a family heritage montage helps tell the story of your family's past. And for some who are really into geneaology, we can design a montage complete with names of each person or other important family information.


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