Frequently Asked Questions about photo montages...

I don't want to send my treasured photos by mail! What can I do?


We send and receive pictures via Priority Mail, UPS and FedEx on a regular basis and we've never had a problem, but there are other options. If you have a scanner, you can provide us with digital images. If you scan your own pictures, please follow the procedures outlined in our Scanning Instructions section. If you don't have a scanner or would like to have it done by a professional, you should be able to obtain high quality scans from a local copy or office supply store in your area. Simply print out our Scanning Instructions page and have them scan according to our scanning protocols. Your scans can then be placed on a CD or DVD and mailed to us or uploaded to us on our Upload page located at the top of each page.   Back To Top


Some of my pictures are really small and some are very large. Will you resize them?


We certainly will. We often work with small images and very large images and we re-size them to create the best possible design.   Back To Top


My "ex" is in one of my favorite pictures. Can you remove him or her?


Of course. We often remove someone from a picture for a variety of reasons or simply isolate one person from a group picture. We can also add a new spouse or someone who simply wasn't there when the family picture was taken.   Back To Top


How long will it take to complete my order?


Standard completion time for most orders is 10 days, however, we often complete projects in just a few days. When we receive your order, we’ll provide you with a final price quote and verify a delivery date based on your needs and our current work flow. We’ll always do our best to meet your deadline.   Back To Top


Will I get a chance to review and approve a proof before final prints are made?


Before your project is completed and printed, you will have a chance to review it and make any changes. If we are working with you from a disance, we will e-mail a low resolution proof or mail a paper proof for your final review and approval. We will then make any changes or adjustments in the final images before the final prints are delivered to you.   Back To Top


Can I get more prints later or make changes or additions at a later date?


All project files are digitally stored and backed up in several locations to ensure that you will always be able to get additional prints or make changes at any time in the future.   Back To Top


What size prints should I order? What if I want different sizes of the same image?


Many factors will influence the size of the final montage: where you want to display the picture, the size of a frame you already have and how large it needs to be based on the content of the images used to create your montage. We'll be happy to recommend the best size based on the content of your montage.   Back To Top


How long do your prints last?

All prints are printed on archival papers using specially formulated Epson Wide Format printers and inks. With proper care and display, archival testing labs have estimated that you can expect up to a 75-100 year life span, depending on the specific paper stock used.   Back To Top


Can you use files from my digital camera?

Yes. For best results, set the camera for the highest resolution and save the images as "jpg" or "tif" files. Please give us your digital image files exactly as they come from the camera. Do not crop, resize, or color correct them. We'll adjust and crop your images based on your instructions. Also, do not use photos from Facebook or other online or social media sites. They are always resized so they load more quickly, but they do not work well in montages because of their low resolution.   Back To Top


I have specific instructions for you on each photograph. Should I write on the back of the picture?


We do not recommend writing on either the front or the back of your pictures. We’ve found the best way to provide instructions is to make a photocopy of each image and write your instructions on the copy. Sticky notes attached to the back of the photo can also be used. If you plan to include scanned image files or digital photos, you can simply identify each image by its file name and provide written instructions about your wishes with your order or quote request.   Back To Top