Getting started on your photo montage...


Selecting the photos for your montage can be the most difficult part, especially if you have a lot of photos to choose from. Before you begin, refer to our price schedule to determine your budget. Prices are based on the number of images used to create your montage, plus the cost of the final print. Click here for prices.


Next, simply begin selecting your favorite photos, selecting more pictures than you will use. Spread them out and begin selecting those that tell the story best. It may help to put them in groups to keep each activity, family group or time period together. That will help eliminate pictures that are very similar and help you select only the most important pictures.


Next, decide which photos you would like to play a “starring” role. The best montages are those with a central image or two that serve as the focal point. You can include any size picture (very small or very large) because each picture will be resized within the montage to balance with the other pictures.


What can I include in my photo montage?


You can include anything that can be photographed or scanned. We can work with prints of any size, digital images, negatives and slides...we've even used clips from videos. Other items such as newspaper clippings, marriage licenses, invitations or other materials can add interest to your montage. We can also add text to identify people, the occasion, date or other important information. Or we can add poems, quotes, verses or other text that you provide.


What if some photos are damaged?

Don’t worry if some of your pictures are old and faded, yellowed, stained, scratched or even torn! Most damaged photos can be fixed. Basic color correction and retouching is included at no extra charge. If some of your photos need extensive restoration, we will provide an estimate of additional charges before we begin.

Can I scan my own pictures?


There are times when you may not want to part with your treasured pictures or are concerned about loss or damage in transit. We understand that and will be happy to work with your scanned images.


Although our scanning process typically produces the best possible images, we realize there may be times when you prefer to scan your own images. If you scan your own pictures, please follow the procedures outlined in our Scanning Instructions section. Your scans can then be placed on a CD or DVD and mailed to us or uploaded to us on our Upload page located at the top of each page. Don’t forget to include an Order Form.

How long will it take to complete my montage?


Most montage projects are completed within two weeks, however, if our workflow allows it, we can often finish your project in just a few days and often complete them in just a day or so for funerals. If you need your finished montage in less than two weeks, please contact us immediately so we can schedule your project. We’ll always do our best to meet your schedule.


Ready to order? If you’d like to begin your order, click here to complete an Order Form that you can print and send with your pictures or e-mail it to us when you upload your photos.

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