Instructions for scanning your images...


Although our scanning techniques produce the best possible images, we realize there may be times when you prefer to scan your own images.


In those cases you should scan your own images using the guidelines below or have them scanned by a qualified digital imaging service such as an office supply store using the specifications below.


The following scanning procedures will ensure high resolution scans that will produce high quality prints.


  • Make sure the glass bed of your scanner is clean.

  • Remove as much dust as possible from the surface of the pictures. A can of compressed air, a soft-bristled brush or a clean tack cloth works well. Do not rub or scrub the photo.

  • Scan each photo as a single file. Do not group them together.

  • Save the file as a “TIF” file with no compression. TIF files are larger and will yield sharper images than JPEG files.

  • Scan each image at 300 DPI at 100% enlargement. Smaller prints should be scanned at greater than 100% enlargement, if possible, to yield file sizes of between 5 megabytes and 10 megabytes.

  • Scan in RGB color mode only, even if the photo is black and white. This is important!

  • Turn off all special features on your scanner such as sharpening, color correction, dust removal, etc.


Once the scans are completed, simply upload them to us on our Upload page or send them to us on a CD or DVD, along with a completed order form.


If you have questions about scanning procedures, please contact us.


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