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Photo montage images. The perfect gift for every occasion!

Photo montages and collages are the perfect gift for anniversaries, retirements, Mother's and Father's Day, milestone birthdays, graduations or for nearly any special occasion. Family and heritage montages make great Christmas gifts for mom and dad. Memorial tribute montages are the perfect way to celebrate the life of a loved one and to keep their memory alive. For some people, it's a great way to celebrate their special bond with a family pet. And simple montages and collages are great for celebrating life's milestones or someone's special achivements!


It's very difficult to find a gift with such personal that celebrates your family or someone you love and brings together all those memories that create the special bond you have.


To get started, simply collect your pictures and other materials that will help you tell your story. We'll do the rest!

Getting started…


Selecting the photos for your montage or collage can be the most difficult part, especially if you have a lot of photos to choose from. Before you begin, refer to our price schedule to determine your budget. Prices are based on the number of images used to create your montage, plus the cost of the final print. Click here for prices.


Next, simply begin selecting your favorite photos, keeping out more pictures than you will use. Spread them out and begin selecting those that tell the story best. It may help to put them in groups to keep each activity, family group or time period together. That will help eliminate pictures that are very similar and help you select only the most important pictures.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't want to send my treasured photos by mail! What can I do?


We send and receive pictures via Priority Mail, UPS and FedEx on a regular basis and we've never had a problem, but there are other options. If you have a scanner, you can provide us with digital images. If you scan your own pictures, please follow the procedures outlined in our Scanning Instructions section. If you don't have a scanner or would like to have it done by a professional, you should be able to obtain high quality scans from a local copy or office supply store in your area. Simply print out our Scanning Instructions page and have them scan according to our scanning protocols. They can save it to a CD, DVD or Thumb Drive. When your pictures are scanned, you can send them to us or use our Upload feature.


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Scanning Your Own Pictures


Although our scanning techniques produce the best possible images, we realize there may be times when you prefer to scan your own images.


In those cases you should scan your own images or have them scanned by a qualified digital imaging service such as an office supply store using the specifications below.

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