Photo restoration and enhancement…


Let us bring your precious memories back to life so you can proudly display them and share them with family and friends! Milestone Images can put new life back into your old, damaged photographs, certificates or other printed documents that have faded, torn or been damaged by moisture.


We provide expert photo restoration services that result in display quality prints with beautiful color depth, saturation and tonal qualities that are guaranteed to meet with your approval…restored images that most often look as good as or eve better than the original.


Each of your photos or other documents is carefully scanned to retain and enhance all the rich detail inherent in the original image. All restoration work is done to the digital file and new prints are made for you. Your original image is not altered and will be returned to you when your project is completed.


Although our scanning techniques produce the best possible images, we realize there may be times when you prefer not to send your pictures to us, so you may scan your own images. In those cases you should scan your own images using the guidelines below or have them scanned by a qualified digital imaging service such as an office supply store. You may then send the digital files to us or upoad them at the top of the page or along with our Photo Restoration Order Form.


Photo enhancement...


We can turn your average or good photos into great photos!


Sometimes your pictures capture the special moments and the special people in your life, but the resulting image isn’t perfect and could use a little help to make it exactly the way you want it.


Or you may simply have a treasured family group picture, but you want an enlargement of one special person in the group to get framed and hang on your wall. You may even want to take an ordinary snapshot and turn it into a new “work of art” suitable for framing!

You might even wish to have a person removed from or added to another picture, a background replaced or simply have “clutter” removed so the focus is on the main subject.


All those things…and much more…can be done at Milestone Images! Just tell us what you want done to your photos and we’ll make them “picture perfect”…exactly the way you want them to be!


Every restoration and enhancement project is different and requires an individual price quote.

  Photo restoration
  • Eliminating dust spots

  • Removing scratches and creases

  • Restoring faded colors

  • Removing ink,stains, water spots

  • Repairing mold and mildew

  • Restoring torn photos

  • Removing smoke/water damage

  • Improving contrast and detail

  • Reconstruction of damaged or missing areas

  • Image sharpening

  • Converting to sepia images

  • Adding text


   Photo enancement
  • Removing glare and hot spots

  • Removing background objects

  • Adding new backgrounds

  • Removing/adding people

  • Adding blue skies, clouds, etc.

  • Blending two images together

  • Colorization of black and white photos

  • Contrast adjustment and color balancing

  • Sepia tinting old photos

  • Correcting hair and other defects

  • Smoothing wrinkles, blemishes

  • Removing red eye

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