VHS Transfer to DVD Pricing

1-10 tapes........................ $20.00

11+ tapes......................... $17.50



  • DVD video quality is superior to tape.

  • DVD video quality will not deteriorate, no matter how many times it is watched.

  • A DVD may last 100 years or more.

  • Unlike tapes, DVD’s are sealed and have no moving parts.

  • DVD’s are easier to handle, use and store.

  • DVD’s can be copied without loss of quality.

  • DVD’s can be played on home computers with DVD drives and on most DVD players.

We convert your VHS tapes to DVDs...


Memories don’t have a lifespan…
unless they are captured on VHS tapes. The cassette and fragile magnetic tape design was never intended to last a lifetime. The average lifespan of your home videotapes is about 20 years.


Even if you don’t play them, your
tapes will continue to degrade and will eventually no longer be viewable. And each time you view, rewind or fast-forward your videotape, it is slowly breaking down.


Every family Christmas, basketball or softball game, birthday party, wedding and reception, dance recital, school play or videos of little Johnny growing up recorded on VHS tapes will become lost if they are not converted to a digital format and stored on DVDs.


But before your tapes become unplayable, we can archive your precious memories stored on VHS tapes by converting them to digital DVDs. We can burn up to 2 hours of high quality video and audio onto each DVD. We work with the following tape formats: VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, and Hi 8.


DVDs are the media of choice for today’s digital memories. They are easy to store and last for decades.  And they can be played on all available formats, including DVD players, computer and laptops and digital projectors. They are designed to last as long as you own them and they won’t deteriorate like your VHS tapes. And once digitized, it’s easy to make copies and share them with family and friends.


We can also repair any damaged tapes that have broken during playback.


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